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Chelsea targeting Premier League Cup

Chelsea qualified for the English League Cup final after getting rid of Tottenham Hotspur. Having reached the final, Chelsea are determine…

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0 13 Jan

Simu Liu Talks About New Powers And Marvel's Team-Up In 'Shang-Chi 2'

Although Simu Liu doesn't know what the plot will be for the next film, he doesn't think it can get too far without his character working…

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0 11 Jan

Jose Mourinho Disappointed Referee Performance When Roma Lose Against AC Milan

Roma boss Jose Mourinho was angry at the team's performance and annoyed with the referee after the 3-1 loss to AC Milan at the San Siro. R…

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0 9 Jan

There are speculations that Kylie Jenner has given birth to Travis Scott's second child

Kylie Jenner has reportedly given birth to her second child with Travis Scott but still chooses to keep the good news a secret from the pu…

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0 9 Jan

Martin Braithwaite: Wants to score more goals for Barcelona after recovering from injury

Barcelona striker, Martin Braithwaite, has recovered from injury. He is now eager to score goals for Barcelona and the Danish National Tea…

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0 7 Jan

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0 6 Jan

Football player Romelu Lukaku fined Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku made Chelsea noise with his interview some time ago. The Belgian striker will be punished by the club in the form of a fine.…

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0 5 Jan

Kylie Jenner's Parenting Style - Travis Scott, Makes Children Naturally Independent

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are currently expecting their second child. The young couple have their first daughter, Stormi Webster, who…

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0 4 Jan

Tom Holland wants to host future Oscars

Tom Holland recently said he would love to host the Oscars next year.While speaking with THR about the critical and commercial success of…

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0 1 Jan

Tom Holland and Zendaya Plan to Celebrate New Year 2022

Relatives Reveal Zendaya And Tom Holland's Special Plans To Celebrate New Year 2022 Celebrity Couple Tom Holland And Zendaya Turns Out To…

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0 31 Dec 2021


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