There are speculations that Kylie Jenner has given birth to Travis Scott's second child

Kylie Jenner has reportedly given birth to her second child with Travis Scott but still chooses to keep the good news a secret from the public. The issue of Kylie having given birth has surfaced after fans posted this amount of evidence.

Hollywood celebrity couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are happy because they will soon welcome their second child. Even Travis is reportedly already living with his girlfriend and child in order to monitor Kylie's pregnancy.

The reason is, Travis is reportedly very worried about Kylie's health condition after being pregnant with her second child. Even the famous rapper is said to be increasingly caring and considerate of all of Kylie's needs.

However, what happens if it turns out that Travis and Kylie's second child has been born? The speculation has grown recently. Kylie is rumored to have given birth to sister Stormi Webster.

The couple was later suspected of hiding the news of the birth of their second baby from the public. The speculation arose after Kylie was not seen at the New Year's celebration party held by The Kardashian-Jenner extended family.

Travis was also not seen in the moment. Meanwhile, their only daughter, Stormi Webster, was seen joining her other sisters at the annual party.

That's why, Kylie is allegedly busy with her second baby who had just been born. Plus, Stormi was seen wearing a mask during the celebration.

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