Martin Braithwaite: Wants to score more goals for Barcelona after recovering from injury

Barcelona striker, Martin Braithwaite, has recovered from injury. He is now eager to score goals for Barcelona and the Danish National Team.

Barcelona spent 18 million euros or around IDR 312 billion to bring Braithwaite from Leganes in the winter of 2020. His arrival to Barcelona was considered by many as a mistake.

In his first full season with Barcelona, ​​the 30-year-old was underwhelming by scoring just seven goals in 42 appearances. This season, Braithwaite had to leave early due to a knee injury so that he only scored two goals.

After completing the recovery period, Braithwaite will return to appear under the tutelage of Xavi Hernandez. He also claimed to have a new goal in 2022.

"Looking at my goals for 2022," Braithwaite was quoted as saying by Tribal Football, Friday (7/1/2022). The Denmark international wants to score a hatrrick with Barcelona and his country.

In fact, Braithwaite wants to score many more goals after returning from injury. "A small personal goal is: Score a hat trick for Barcelona and the Danish National Team. And, why not double! Let's do it," he said.

I'm like a machine that needs to be updated every 10 years. It's just an injury, just something like a software update."

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