Simu Liu Talks About New Powers And Marvel's Team-Up In 'Shang-Chi 2'

Although Simu Liu doesn't know what the plot will be for the next film, he doesn't think it can get too far without his character working on his new powers.

A sequel to "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" is currently in development. Destin director Daniel Cretton has secured a comprehensive deal with Disney.

Without a doubt, the sequel will see the return of the film's heroine played by Simu Liu and other supporting characters such as Katy played by Awkwafina or Xialing played by Meng'er Zhang.

While Liu doesn't know what the storyline will be for his next film, he thinks it can't get too far without his character working on his newfound powers.

"I think what Shaun decided to do with all this newfound power, you know?" he said in an interview with Complex.

The power was like eating away at his father, eating away at Wenwu. I wonder how someone much younger, much less experienced, would fight the ring.

He further said that just as other fans have been wondering about the continuation of the film's story, he also has no idea or any kind of prediction of where the film will be directed.

"It's just the idea of ​​being suddenly gifted with something very powerful but also very dangerous. And then the other big question I have is, you know, in what ways does Shaun fit into the rest of the MCU?" he continued. "Who are you going to see? What kind of crazy team? What kind of bond? I'm the same as everyone, so I don't know anything, but I'm happy to dive into the process."

In addition to "Shang-Chi 2", Cretton is also developing a series for streaming on Disney+. Although the series has yet to be confirmed, many hope it will also be a spin-off of "Shang-Chi".

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