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'I shoot porn when my son is in school – I will always be honest with him'

EXCLUSIVE: British porn star Tanya Tate has given her honest insight into how she combines her saucy career in the sex industry with motherhood and raising her son

One of the world’s most famous porn stars juggles her raunchy career with being a mother.

Scouser Tanya Tate recently starred in her first boy-girl scene in almost a decade and is back filming the type of blue movies that helped her become 12-time International MILF of the Year.

But when she is not… Doorgaan

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'I used social media for 14 hours a day – it made me so sick I thought I'd die'

EXCLUSIVE: Fenella Fox, 29 from Worcester, England, is a successful OnlyFans model who was once using her phone for 14 hours a day. Doing so made her so sick that she was unable to walk

An OnlyFans star using her phone for nearly 14 hours a day became so sick she couldn’t walk.

Fenella Fox , 29 from Worcester, England, is so successful on the subscription-based platform that she is on track to earn £1million.

She is in the top 1% of creators worldwide but says… Doorgaan

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'I stole from mum to fuel drug addiction but now I earn £180k a month from sexy job'

Eliza Rose Watson, 33, abused drugs and alcohol for five years when she hit "rock bottom" after university. But now she's got millionaire status thanks to her OnlyFans page

A millionaire OnlyFans model who "hit rock bottom" after university managed to turn her life around.

Eliza Rose Watson abused drugs and alcohol for five years when things went downhill for her after leaving education.

The 33-year-old would steal and take things off people to fund her habit – including…


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Bikini-clad OnlyFans model breaks record for Twitch bans after falling foul 7 times

Top OnlyFans star TheDanDangler has been banned from online streaming platform Twitch for a seventh time, but returned just a few days later leaving fans scratching their heads

A controversial Twitch streamer has been banned for a record seventh time – but the streaming platform seemingly refuses to make it permanent.

OnlyFans star TheDanDangler was given her latest ban yesterday after a seemingly innocent Halloween Party was streamed online to her 429,000… Doorgaan

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