Chris Brown fans savagely slam star over house 'that looks like TK Maxx

Singer Chris Brown has been slammed by fans for his "department store" closet after he showed off racks of clothes that followers compared to fashion retailer TK Maxx

Chris Brown has been slammed by fans for a room in his house that "looks like TK Maxx".

The 33-year-old took to social media to show off his luxury pad, but some followers noticed one room looked eerily similar to one particular fashion retailer.

Brown was forced to to build a "department store" in his house due to the sheer size of his clothing collection.

He spoke to the camera and said: "Department store outside of my house, let me show y’all what this looks like. [...] I got drip man, come and see me…"

The singer flipped the camera round to show off the rows of clothing rails packed tightly into the closet.

Racks and racks of clothes spanned out covered in hangers with coats, shirts and other pieces.

The room was full to the brim and no space was spared, but some fans were unimpressed with his set up.

Instagram account The Shade Room reposted Chris’ video and followers took to the comment section to slam the pop star.

One follower’s savage quip read: "It might be drip but it’s organised like Marshalls…"

Another fan didn’t hold back and wrote: "Though it would look like a Gucci store. It’s giving TJ Maxx Gold Collection…it needs some organising."

A third brutal comment added: "Chris, that’s a lot of clothes but get somebody to organise all that stuff, it’s giving Burlington Coat Factory vibes or Walmart after Black Friday vibes. S*** just all over the place."

The insults come after it was reported that Chris was recently hit with a huge tax bill - according to legal documents obtained by Distractify.
Brown’s total allegedly came to $4,044,596.76, which includes a federal tax lien for almost $2.5 million [£2.02m].

This isn’t the first time Chris has faced these types of charges and he was forced to flog his stuff during a yard sale back in 2019.

His upcoming European leg of the Under The Influence tour may be able to contribute towards his huge debt charges.

The singer recently added new dates in capital cities around Europe including London, Paris and Amsterdam after the original dates sold out.

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