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Eddie Hall Shares Fascinating Picture From Back In His 'Peak' Strongman Days

Eddie Hall – sometimes known as ‘The Beast’ – has shared a photograph from back when he was in his World’s Strongest Man days and it’s easy to see where he picked up that nickname from.

Hall competed at the top level as a strongman for years and picked up the coveted world title in 2017.

Since then, he’s diversified his career slightly.

He’s planning a massive – in more ways than one – boxing match against fellow strongman Hafþór Júlíus ‘The Mountain’ Björnsson and is…


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Afghanistan Porn Star Is Sure Taliban Know Who She Is

Afghanistan Porn Star Is Sure Taliban Know Who She Is

A woman who believes she may be Afghanistan’s ‘only porn star', says she’s ‘sure’ the Taliban know about her due to her popularity.

Yasmeena Ali was a young girl when the Taliban took over Kabul back in the 1990s, and later moved to the safety of the UK where she says she has taken control of her own sexuality and ditched her religious Muslim past to become an atheist.

Ali, who says she’s the number one Afghanistan…


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Chelsea star Erin Cuthbert calls out bizarre article linking players to sex noises

Chelsea star Erin Cuthbert has called out an article in The Sun which links players names to sex noises.

The article, dubbed an 'exclusive' by reporter Stephen Moyes, likened the names of Chelsea’s recent goalscorers to noises made during sex.

Pernille Harder hit a hat-trick during a 4-2 victory against West Ham in the Continental Cup on Wednesday, with Erin Cuthbert also on the scoresheet.

Harder is regarded as one of the best attacking talents in women's football,…


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