Travis Scott gets 46 lawsuits after the Astroworld concert that left 8 people dead sadfs

Travis Scott and his team are held accountable for the deaths of eight people and hundreds of spectators injured in the bloody 'Astroworld' festival. 46 Claims Reportedly Received by Local Courts.

American rapper and girlfriend of Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott (II) recently received a lot of criticism from the public. Despite admitting he was sad, Travis claimed to be responsible for the chaos at the "Astroworld" concert he held in Houston, Texas.

As a result, eight people died and hundreds were injured in Travis' bloody concert. Until now, the police are still trying to investigate the cause of the chaos in the festival.

Travis is still receiving sharp public criticism regarding the unfortunate incident. According to the public, Travis didn't care when the riots started. Stormi Webster's father is said to have continued singing despite seeing a number of spectators fall.

That's why, Travis is widely criticized for not having a sense of humanity. Some even say that the riot was deliberately created because Travis wanted to find a sacrifice for his career success.

Live Nation vendors to the organizers of the "Astroworld" concert are still receiving many demands from the families of the victims. So far, Travis and his team have received 46 lawsuits from spectators who were injured, critically or even dead.

It is estimated that the number of lawsuits against Travis and all parties involved in organizing the concert will continue to grow. Travis, Live Nation, and ScoreMore are considered to have made negligence so that the riots that claimed lives could occur.

"More lawsuits continue to be filed as these cases allege Scott, Live Nation, ScoreMore and other organizers of negligence," said

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