Estelle Linden Challenged to Star in Vidkill Film

Estelle Linden is challenged to star in a thriller titled Vidkill. For him, this is scarier than the ghostly horror genre.

said Estelle Linden, "If it's a ghost, we can close our eyes and run away. But this one? Meet a psychopathic human, so that you keep your eyes closed, you don't lose reading prayers,"

Speaking of psychopaths, this film deals with these characters. Estelle Linden said her story raised the terror of murder in a villa.

"Now who is the killer, the audience must guess one out of four people," said Estelle Linden.

Vidkill not only presents a spooky terror, but also a romantic spice. Where Estelle Linden will be paired with Pradikta Wicaksono.

"They are fiancées, but they have to be far apart. Chat via video call," said Estelle Linden.
This is where Pradikta Wicaksono who plays Theo's character becomes a witness to the terror of a murder in the villa where his fiancée is.

Apart from Estelle Linden and Pradikta Wicaksono, two other stars were present. They are Shindy Huang and Gesya Shandy.

The two of them became friends with him who also vacationed at the villa.
“Among these three people, I am the most timid,” said Shindy Huang.

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