Cardi B Accidentally Posts Nude Photos on Instagram

As one of the most popular female rappers today, everything about Cardi B never goes unnoticed by fans. Not only the news of her divorce with her husband whose gossip was cancelled, but also her various posts on social media.

Talking about social media posts, recently Cardi B went viral because of her upload on Insta Story. Surprisingly, the WAP singer shared one of her nude photo collections which shows a completely exposed and uncensored photo of her chest.

Cardi, who accidentally uploaded the photo, immediately panicked and turned off her cellphone in the hope that the photo that was being uploaded would not upload. But unfortunately, when she reactivated her cellphone, the photo of her breasts was already widely spread in cyberspace.

1. It's already gone viral
Despite deleting them as quickly as possible, Cardi B couldn't stop her private collection photos from continuing to be a hot topic of conversation on social media. He only explained that he would not sue anyone, because it was his own fault.
"I didn't write anything at all, there's no Story if I'm going to sue anyone. There's nothing to sue (in this case). This is all my own fault, maybe it's just bad luck," he wrote in the next Story.

2. Until It Becomes a Meme
After some time after the photo was widely circulated on the internet, Cardi B immediately became the subject of a meme on Twitter. All the critics who commented on her breasts even made the photo look like pancakes as a breakfast menu in the morning.
Responding to the many memes circulating, Cardi also explained that the shape of her breasts and (sorry) nipples are big because she is breastfeeding her baby. "I have big nipples, you know, because I breastfed my daughter for 3 months. And I don't know why, my breasts got bigger, then I fixed it (undergoing a cosmetic procedure), my breasts got bigger, so did the nipples," Cardi explained on Instagram. Live recently.$/1

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