Playboy model leaves shop changing rooms in just bra and thong 'to wear it out'

Busty Playboy model Francia James strutted out of a shop fitting room in a matching pale blue bra and thong and claimed that she loved it so much she was going to wear it out in public

A busty Playboy model was filmed leaving a shop fitting room in a matching pale blue bra and thong as she planned to 'wear it out'.
Francia James, who has been filmed wearing her lingerie out in public on buses and trains, emerged from the changing rooms wearing the matching set with a pair of white stockings and heels.

"Oh my God, I love this," she exclaimed, as she handed the cashier some cash and said: "Here ma'am, I'm going to wear this out."

The staff member tried to stop her by telling her she can't do that and she has to go to the till to pay properly.

However, Francia seemed unbothered and replied: "You can keep the change."

The model, who also has her own OnlyFans, then strutted through the shopping centre past stunned customers before running into a nearby cake shop to check out the desserts.

Francia has gained more than 262,000 likes on the clip since it was posted on August 9 and the comment section has been lit up by fans who have been lovestruck by her figure.

One user commented: "You are beautiful."

Another wrote: "Very very nice."

A third simply said: "Wow wow wow wow wow wow."

However, not everyone was impressed by the clip as some Instagram users claimed it was disrespectful to people around her at the shopping centre.
One user claimed: "WTF where is the police I love woman but that is disrespectful to children and others who do not want to see that at the mall."

Another replied: "She obviously has no respect for herself for anyone smh."

The news comes after Francia James and Laci Kay Somers were seen hopping on a train wearing matching sets of pale blue, harness-style lingerie and carrying their block heel shoes in their hands.

The duo complained that it had been "such a hard day at work" before the camera panned around to see two men standing on board the train with their bikes staring at the women in disbelief.

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