Skint mums turn to 'UK’s most hated woman' for tips on being sexy

EXCLUSIVE: “Britain’s most hated woman” Carla Bellucci has revealed that struggling mums are turning to her for help with racy content amid the cost of living crisis

It’s no secret that people are struggling with the cost of living crisis and some mums are desperately wondering how they can make some much-needed cash.

And according to Carla Bellucci, who was once dubbed “Britain’s most hated woman”, some skint parents have turned to her for help.

The ex-glamour model earns a fortune on OnlyFans and her inboxes are now flooded with questions from curious middle-aged women.

And despite often being abused online, Carla, who has earned up to £40,000 a month on the saucy subscription site, is happy to help.

She exclusively told Daily Star: “I’ve been getting emails and messages because times are really hard.

“Some have said even if it makes them some pocket money for their coffee or for going out it would be worth it because it’s so expensive now with bills and having kids.

“People just can’t manage.”

But in true Carla fashion, she quipped: “These mums have slated me but they are now coming to me for advice on what they need to do and buy to set up OnlyFans.”

Carla, from Hitchin, Herts, has been on the raunchy platform for two years.

But last week she revealed her teenage son “begs” her to stop flogging glam snaps nearly every day.

Despite the family tension, she is still happy to offer tips to other mothers.

She said: “They’ve asked how they can make big money and how far they can go, I mean whether they are hot or not, good for them. I am advising them on what to buy, what to invest in and what kind of underwear works.

“I had one mum message me and she made $50 and she was over the moon but I was thinking that’s not going to get her far.

“I do feel a bit bad because they are thinking they will go on there, get their t**s out and make a fortune but there is a lot more to it.”

And Carla did not sugar coat the consequences when speaking with the eager mums.

She warned: “I tell them to go for it but obviously it comes with a lot of stigma because they don’t realise how much s**t they are going to get at the school gates and people will gossip.

“I had one mum say she had a few people subscribe and I was thinking it’s probably just a few of the other mums at her school checking out what she’s doing.

“But go for it because you only get one life, even though there are consequences and that reputation will stay with you.”

And Carla, who blagged a nose job by faking depression, continued: “I also tell mums to know their boundaries because people have a way of manipulating you and talking you into things.

“Be prepared for one hell of a ride because people are really nasty.

“And once people find out your kids are going to get so much hate. I don’t agree with that but I’m just being real because I’ve experienced it.

“Your kids will get so much crap at school, it’s not all good.”

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