Marvel's Chris Evans goes Instagram official with much younger girlfriend

Love is in the air for Hollywood hunk Chris Evans as the Marvel actor went Instagram official with his beau - but the two have apparently been secretly dating for two years

Chris Evans has gone Instagram official with his girlfriend, 25-year-old Alba Baptista - and the pair have been secretly dating for two years.

The 41-year-old Marvel star took to his Instagram Story on Friday (January 6) to share a sweet video montage of his 2022 highlights.

And much to the surprise of fans, Portuguese actress Alba Baptista made several appearances in the videos, seemingly confirming their relationship.

In the montage, Chris included clips of himself and his beau trying to scare each other in several locations and properties.

Captioning the sweet video, Chris wrote: “A look back at 2022,” and added three love heart emojis, indicating he has nothing but love for Alba.

The first clip showed the beauty sneaking up on Chris and shouting “boo” as he sorted through the laundry.

Alba’s scare caused the Captain America actor to jump and break out in laughter, along with his beau.

Other clips showed similar scenes of the two pranking each other, as they gave fans an insight into their funny relationship.

By the end of the montage though, it seemed Alba had sussed her boyfriend’s tricks out, as she screamed “I knew it” when he attempted to scare her in a hallway.

Back in November, a source claimed that the Knives Out star had been dating Alba, who has appeared in the film Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris and the TV series Warrior Nun, for over a year.

Speaking about their “serious” relationship with People, the insider alleged: “They are in love and Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore her.”

Chris has previously been in relationships with actresses including Jenny Slate, Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel.
The Hollywood hunk, who is usually tight-lipped about his personal life, told People last year that he feels very “content,” at the moment.

Chris also revealed his hopes to eventually settle down one day, noting: “That's absolutely something I want: wife, kids, building a family.”

'When you read about most of the best artists, whether it's actors, painters, writers, most of them [admit] it wasn't the work they made [that they are most proud of], it was about the relationships; the families they created, the love they found, the love they shared.

“So it's also something through my long 41 years that also rings true.

“Those things are the most important. I love the idea of tradition and ceremony. I had a lot of that in my life, so the idea of creating that — I can't think of anything better,' he added.

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