Craig Revel Horwood's sex confessions - rent boy, married to woman and losing virginity

Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood has been open about his personal life with his fans, and we take a look back at some of his revelations from over the years

Craig Revel Horwood doesn’t mince his words when he’s delivering critiques on Strictly Come Dancing.

And he doesn’t hold back when it comes to his private life either.

The TV star, who turned 58 on January 4, has been open with his fans about his life behind the scenes.

Over the years, he's shared a fair few titbits from his personal archive, such as how he lost his virginity and how he was once married.

Daily Star has taken a look back at some of the much-loved judge’s sex confessions.

In 2016 Craig revealed that he lost his virginity to a woman in front of the TV.

The dancer, 57, opened up on Loose Women, telling the panellists that it happened with a “young lady” while they were watching the television together.

The star was asked if it was a romantic experience but he replied: “‘No.

"It was a quick one. In front of the telly. Unexpected.”

Craig tied the knot with a woman named Jane in 1990.

The pair had met when they shared a house in London while Craig was appearing in the stage show Miss Saigon, and romance blossomed.

However, their relationship hit the rocks and they split just two years later in 1992.

In an interview a few years ago, the TV star was quoted as saying that Jane left him for another man.

Craig has previously shared that he used to work as a rent boy.
The star first began dancing in Ballarat, Australia where he went on to perform in a number of musicals.

And he secretly paid for his dance lessons by working as a rent boy.

Appearing on online comedy show Here She Is, he said: “I sold my wares for dance lessons and that’s how I paid for my lessons in Melbourne.”

He said it was for a year's worth of lessons.

Craig has also been quoted as saying in the past that he had one client, who was older than him.

Meeting his fiance on Tinder

Craig is now engaged to his partner Jonathan Myring, who he met on Tinder.

The pair got together in 2018 and in 2020 the star confirmed that they were engaged.

“There’s such comfort in knowing you have somebody that loves you and wants to spend the rest of their life with you,” Craig told OK! magazine.

“I feel like I have someone who has my back and I’ve got theirs.”

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