WOLFEYE SOFTWARE - Best Keylogger Software for Windows

Invisible keylogger for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP Wolfeye Keylogger allows you to monitor user activity on your computer

Wolfeye Keylogger​!
A software solution to monitor what your children or employees are doing on their computer.

✔ Keystrokes
Get all keystrokes - even passwords to Email and Facebook accounts! Capture & review all Chats and Instant Messages!
✔ Email & Facebook
Find out email passwords and get access to email accounts! Get access to Facebook accounts and read all the chats and posts there!
✔ Screenshots & Websites visited
Make regular screenshots and see what the user sees! Review visited websites and monitor the surfing behavior!
✔ Remote monitoring
Receive all monitoring data conveniently emailed!

What is Wolfeye Keylogger?

Wolfeye Keylogger is a computer monitoring software for the PC. The program secretly records all keystrokes on the computer and stores them in a log file or sends them to the email address of the supervisor.

In this way it is possible to read all chat conversations, all email and Facebook passwords, and thus gain access to the accounts. The keylogger also allows you to control which websites have been visited. Finally, it is possible to take regular screenshots / screenshots of the PC.

Because the data is sent to the supervisor's email address, it can be received by a remote computer. This allows the PC to be monitored remotely.

How can Wolfeye Keylogger help you?

✔ Monitor unauthorized PC access:
Learn with Wolfeye Keylogger, if and who gets access to your computer without permission.
✔ Monitor internet behavior of your own children:
Use Wolfeye Keylogger to monitor what your kids are doing on the internet and who they're chatting with. Protect your children from bullying and exclusion by learning in good time when cyberbullying attacks occur. See if your child visits inappropriate websites with bad content.
✔ Staff monitoring:
​Monitor whether your employees use your time productively with Wolfeye Keylogger! Do your employees spend a lot of time on social networks instead of doing their job? Do your employees secretly have projects where they work independently during working hours? This is often the case in industries such as architectural firms, where employees earn a little extra by doing these jobs during work hours.
! Warning:
The legal possibility to use Wolfeye Keylogger for employee monitoring must be checked individually by a lawyer. We do not give legal advice. The "Wolfeye Keylogger" is a keylogger that can theoretically also be used for illegal purposes. This is of course not allowed: Wolfeye may only be installed and executed on your own computer. The use on foreign computers without the consent of the owner is prohibited!

Please refer to your local laws to make sure your particular monitoring activities are legal in your country. By installing the software or using the service you certify that you act in accordance to the law and you take full responsibility for the use of the product.

Test it in the Trial Version! Are there Limitations?

✔ FREE Trial version without limitations:
In the Trial Version you can use Wolfeye Keylogger for FREE without restrictions for 3 days. You can use Wolfeye Keylogger for FREE without any restrictions for 3 days in the Trial Version.

✔ Stops after Trial expires without warning screen - button allows to uninstall easily:
After the Trial period expires, the keylogger just stops running without showing any warning Screen. So you can just let it expire and it just stops recording in the background. Also, You can easily uninstall the application using the uninstall button. That will completely remove the Software from your PC.

✔ No risk for you - Test it now:
So there is no risk for you to test it. Test Wolfeye Keylogger now! This Tutorial shows you how to set up the application.

✔ Wolfeye is completely invisible - close the control window and Wolfeye continues running:
Note: Wolfeye is completely invisible and runs hidden in the Background without being noticed by the user. To do that you only need to Close the Wolfeye control window: the Software will continue to run in the Background and record everything. You can send the data to your email too.

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