Concept art is an illustration that conveys an idea for films, video games, animation, comics, or other media before it takes on the appearance of the final product. This is also called visual development or concept / concept design. The term was coined in the first half of the twentieth century, possibly by automotive designers producing "concept cars," and was also used in the 1930s by Disney studios.

What Concept Artists Do
While these professionals must be skilled and talented in traditional oil painting, watercolors, markers and pencils, the technology also requires computer experts to study it.

In the early days of Disney, concept artists created their images on paper using traditional materials, and once approved, the images were refined and embodied by other artists. This is still relevant today: the first images are made on paper, and then they are made out in computer graphics.

Concept art for video games differs in that the artist uses his imagination to create characters and environments that meet the proposed game requirements and give the game a unique "feel" and "look" that make it realistic for the players. Hire Concept Art Game Artist

The most popular themes are fantasy and sci-fi, but sports games also require realistic characters. Sometimes characters need to look like the professional players they represent.  

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