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Online gambling card game Baccarat. How to play?

Baccarat is a card game in which participants collect points using combinations of two or three cards. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer by getting the number of points as close as possible to 9. There are three options for bets - on the player's win, on the dealer's win, or on an equal number of points. The odds of winning are 1 to 1, which means that the house edge is rather low. The game is most popular in Asia, but it is also famous in the West.



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Cryptocurrency in a casino: a new trend or another adventure

What is a crypto casino?

By and large, the "cryptocurrency casino" differs from the usual one only in that the key payment instrument in it is not fiat money, but digital coins.

Otherwise, crypto gambling platforms are no different from ordinary online casinos: here you can also find thousands of types of slots, roulette or, for example, sports betting.

Among the features of crypto casinos, one can only highlight the presence of crypto wallets, in which one of…


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In the banking system, as in any other commercial project, it is necessary to constantly supervise the activity of working with clients, improve and stabilize it. The implementation of a CRM system is designed to carry out a similar practice, that is, to build a mechanism for the bank-client relationship so that all the nuances of customer activity are taken into account.

All the statistics and history associated with all this should, with the help of CRM-systems, help to find…


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How to make an explanatory video

There are a few things to consider when choosing your production method and video style:

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Benefits of the .NET Framework

What is the .NET Framework?

.NET is an open source development environment developed by Microsoft. The main features of this framework are web application development. You can develop almost all types of applications using this framework. Do you want to develop an application based on ASP.NET services? If you are looking for an application developer, you can turn to an ASP.NET development service provider. The .NET platform has powerful tools and useful features built…


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What is concept art?

Concept art is an illustration that conveys an idea for films, video games, animation, comics, or other media before it takes on the appearance of the final product. This is also called visual development or concept / concept design. The term was coined in the first half of the twentieth century, possibly by automotive designers producing "concept cars," and was also used in the 1930s by Disney studios.

What Concept Artists Do

While these…


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Building a simple Shopify app

Shopify is a fast growing ecommerce platform that adds thousands of new sellers every month.

The great thing about the Shopify platform is that Shopify has openly stated that it is not interested in solving every problem for its sellers. Instead, they built their APIs and App Store so that independent developers can create (and pay for) the functionality their sellers want.

This means that it is possible to extend and customize Shopify with Shopify apps, whether…


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La sensibilisation est une méthode de promotion qui implique des accords personnels avec les propriétaires de sites ou les blogueurs

La sensibilisation est une méthode de promotion qui implique des accords personnels avec les propriétaires de sites ou les blogueurs pour placer des publicités sur une ressource Web spécifique. Le plus souvent, cela signifie publier du matériel avec un backlink, une bannière ou une mention de marque. La sensibilisation peut être appelée le petit frère du link building, seulement plus humain, destiné aux personnes plutôt qu'à la réalisation d'objectifs techniques.



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