According to a 2009 report by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, approximately 1.4 people receive traumatic brain injuries every year. Furthermore, each year in America 50,000 people are killed consequently of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Doctors have defined TBI as anything, "... the effect of a bump, blow or jolt to the head or perhaps a penetrating head injury that disrupts the brain's normal function. Many people experience memory loss, mood changes and other problems after that which was deemed a gentle concussion... "

Some accounts of TBI are stranger than others. While we are not surprised to listen to about a victim experiencing brain damage after a car accident- having a tent stake lodged in your mind accidentally is a bit more unusual.

In recent news, a teacher suffered from a freak camping accident when trying to setup her tent with a friend brain injuries from car accidents. In the language of her father, "... one of the steel stakes that has been holding the tent down sprung up and got stuck in her head over her ear."

While the stake penetrated to a level of four centimeters, the woman stayed calm and shared with her father not to take the stake out and ordered that he try to help keep her awake, no matter what. Surgery went smoothly and the young woman is recovering well.

This account serves as an indication that freak accidents sometimes happens anywhere at any time. While in this instance, it doesn't seem as though any negligence was at fault, many brain injuries are caused consequently of another person's carelessness. Besides car accidents, other accidents that frequently end in brain injuries, and that are almost always the consequence of another person's negligence are birth injury, machinery malfunctions, falls, blunt force trauma or perhaps a gunshot. According to statistics,

• Motor vehicle accidents account fully for approximately 28% of traumatic brain injuries
• Sports accidents account fully for 20% of traumatic brain injuries
• Assaults account fully for 9% of traumatic brain injuries

TBI also have significantly affected deployed soldiers, according to the United States military, with estimates alleging that more than 200,000 soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan sustained a TBI.

Medical break-throughs are actually on the horizon that might help victims, however. In 2010, doctors announced that they'd invented a fresh MRI-based tool that fires up victims' brain injuries on a computer. In the language of 1 doctor, "We now have, for initially, the ability to make visible these previously invisible wounds."

Traumatic brain injuries cause significant financial, physical and emotional difficulties for both victim and his/her families. If negligence was involved in the accident that led to the brain injuries, victims and their own families can file your own injury claim and fight for lack of present and future wages, medical bills, lack of the enjoyment of life and rehabilitation costs. In regards to personal injury cases, brain injury settlements are proven to yield some of the highest quantities of compensation. Don't postpone fighting for the damages you and your loved ones deserve!

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