Motorcycle Helmets & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Every motorcycle owner has been warned repeatedly that wearing a helmet is the most crucial step you are able to decide to try prevent serious injuries child trauma from car accident. Even though some bikers discover that annoying and decide to leave their helmets in the home anyway, it's a proven undeniable fact that wearing a helmet is the best way to avoid death and permanent disability in case of an accident.

Unlike cars and trucks, which protect their occupants from collisions, motorcycles offer hardly any protection. The principal cause of death from motorcycle accidents is traumatic brain injury, caused by impact with the pavement after being ejected from the motorcycle. Although motorcycle accidents can cause internal bleeding and damage to other areas of the human body, it's head injuries that cause the majority of fatalities.

Traumatic brain injuries are among the most difficult medical emergencies to treat. The human brain is a complicated and delicate organ, consuming a large part of the body's blood supply. Ruptured blood vessels in the skull can be quite difficult to safely isolate and repair during emergency surgery. If the blood supply is reduced, brain death occurs rapidly in the regions affected, ultimately causing permanent loss in function if the individual survives.

Many individuals who die from traumatic brain injuries are killed not by blood loss, but by pressure. Serious head injuries may result in brain swelling and a dramatic escalation in pressure inside the skull, that is enough in itself to cause extensive brain damage. Doctors treating head injuries can reduce the danger of death by relieving the pressure, but with brain injuries, you can find no guarantees. A patient's likelihood of surviving without disability are small.

Several devastating injuries may be avoided by wearing a helmet. While an accident with a helmet may end up in minor head injuries, like a concussion, helmets are far sturdier than the human skull. By absorbing the impact, helmets may greatly reduce the likelihood of dying from a head injury.

People who have been seriously injured in motorcycle accidents caused by another person's negligence or recklessness may take legal action against the individual responsible. They may have the ability to recover compensation for his or her medical expenses and suffering.

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