In the current era of true-crime TV, which is largely focused on con artists and grifters, no series is more captivating or satisfying to watch than Inventing Anna, Shonda Rhimes’ scripted Netflix drama about convicted fraudster Anna Sorokin starring Julia Garner. Known more popularly as Anna Delvey, the German expat was found guilty of grand larceny for defrauding some of New York City’s social elites and financial institutions out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 1
InventingAnna Season 1 Episode 1 Online
Inventing Anna Season 1 Full Episode
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 1 Netflix

The Russian con-artist posed as a German heiress to defraud banks, hotels and acquaintances out of thousands of dollars while she stayed in New York and with Jessica Pressler's New York magazine article serving as the inspiration behind this Shonda Rhimes series, the nine-parter will look at how Sorokin managed to scam some of the Big Apple's wealthiest residents.

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