Inside Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson's incredible £1.5million mansion

Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson recently moved into her stunning £1.5million mansion, which boasts three walk-in wardrobes, seven bathrooms and a breathtaking grand staircase

Reality TV star Marnie Simpson regularly shares pictures and videos of her lavish new home, dubbed Macey Manor.

The Bedfordshire mansion boasts seven bathrooms, three walk-in wardrobes and a stunning grand staircase among other incredible details in the home.

As her place of residence with fiancé Casey Johnson and children, Rox, two, and Oax, born in May last year, the incredible mansion won't struggle to fit the family as they continue to grow.

Geordie Shore beauty Marnie and one-time X Factor contestant Casey purchased the home in 2021 for £1.5million, starting off renovations by swapping the front door for a classic and elegant black door, which was "solid and safe".

"The front door was the first thing we booked in! It was so old, drafty and totally unsafe! This new door is everything I wanted and more!" she said.

Marnie went on: "Not only is it solid and safe but it's beautiful and classy and it has kept elements of that traditional older property style that I wanted to keep!"

Marnie, 29, described the home as her "forever home” with Casey, 25, who proposed in 2020.

Marnie gave birth to baby Rox in 2019 and Oak in 2022.

The Celebrity Big Brother babe gave her 5.3m Instagram followers a sneak peek at the spacious rooms in the mega-mansion, including Rox's playroom that has a gorgeous bay window, adding plenty of natural light to the room and the open-plan grey and white kitchen that had a modern theme throughout.

Showing off one of the en-suite bathrooms, Marnie could barely hold in her excitement as she zoomed in on the rainfall shower and Mr and Mrs sink.

She's since shared her newly revamped staircase, stunning chandeliers and has detailed her plans to "preserve the garden as much as possible".
Marnie told OK! Magazine that the mansion has "cost a fortune", meaning that she and Casey were opting for a smaller wedding after it was postponed due to Covid.

"To be honest it’s a good job we did push it back because our new house has cost us a fortune!" she exclaimed.

Marnie added: "I actually do think we’re going to do it on a much smaller scale now.

"Before, we were going to do it quite big, but now we just want to be married.

"We’re not bothered about having the big party – I’m looking to spend the least money possible."

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