Best Unique Accessories, gift for women by Nawaatu

Nawaatu is your number one shop for African-inspired products. Nawaatu was previously known as Elikia-Africa-Shop.


Find out best beaded necklace at Nawaatu . Nawaatu is your one stop shop to purchase excellent quality African oriented design, and artworks from everywhere in the world We are proud to be one of the few authentic African stores where you’ll be able to find and purchase fashionable clothing for both men and women and accessories for you or your home

Discover African-inspired fashion -Our customers are often people who want to show how proud they are of their African background but also those who want to show their passion of African prints or those who want make a fashion statement by wearing colourful and unique accessories.


We have come a long way, so we understand the importance of supplying our customers with high quality yet budget-friendly products.Visit our website Nawaatu for exicting and unque Jwellery , Assecories .


Our products’ theme is Africa as we are passionate about Africa, African prints, Africa culture, fashion, and most importantly people. In Swahili, Na Watu means 'With people' and this represents our philosophy...we do everything 'with people' in mind.


Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality products yet affordable. Therefore, we work with suppliers all over the world to find the best products and unique designs.


We hope that you will enjoy shopping at Nawaatu. Our dedicated team look forward to serving you as your satisfaction is our number one priority. Click here for more details.

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