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Our Tree service West Lafayette Indiana center around the proper tree selection and proper planting. Few, if any landscapers in Indiana have an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® on staff who is knowledgeable in tree size, soil requirements, drought tolerance, shape and growth patterns, tree integrity and structure, disease tolerance, and much more. For example, some trees require large amounts of water to thrive. River birch trees tolerate the summer heat better than paper birch trees so a river birch might be a better selection due to having somewhat better drought tolerance. But then, again the soil might not be appropriate for either tree. An ISA Certified Arborist® and an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist® would have the expertise and knowledge to save you from problems and a possible early tree removal down the road. click here for more details. We not only provide proper consultation, but we also sell and professionally plant your new trees and shrubs.

Arborist Trained Crews and 100% Fully Insured

Arbor Care Tree and Landscaping’s crewmembers are trained in proper ISA procedures and safety procedures, because tree removals can be dangerous. It is very tempting to the homeowner to hire an uninsured company at a cut-rate cost only to find that after an accident, there is no insurance coverage to cover the damage. Don’t take that chance! In the unlikely event that an accident would occur, Arborcare Tree And Landscaping is fully insured against accidents.

Our Tree service Lafayette Indiana area includes the cities of Lafayette, Indiana, and Kokomo, Indiana, and cities and towns in close proximity to those towns, and in between.

Serving North Central Indiana since 1998, Arbor Care Tree and Landscaping is now ready to serve you!

The key word in our company name is CARE, because the CARE of your trees, lawn and landscaping are of utmost importance to us. To accomplish maximum care of your property, our staff of Arborists and Horticulturalists continually pursue ongoing

education provided by universities and professional associations which set and monitor standards of excellence. Contact us to help you beautify and maintain your property. Our staff is ready to provide personal attention to your property, tailored to your needs Our experts can determine and advise you as to the best, most cost-effective means of care and maintenance of your

property. Please Visit our website to explore our services . Thank You

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