Adele seen hobbling on stage during NYE show as she complains of chronic back pain

EXCLUSIVE: The superstar can be seen hunched over and hobbling from one side of the stage to the other as she tells fans she is suffering from sciatica, a painful nerve condition in her lower back

Superstar Adele was seen hobbling across the across the stage during her New Year’s Eve show in Las Vegas as she complained about her chronic back pain to a shocked audience.

The Hello superstar was handing out t-shirt launchers to member of the crowd when she had to run from one side of the stage to the other and told fans she had to waddle due to her painful condition.

“I’ve got two more I’ve just got to get over to the other side of the stage,” she said, before adding: “I have to waddle these days as I have really bad sciatica.”

The 34-year-old has spoken out about her chronic back pain in the past, revealing that she’s lived with chronic back pain, including injuries like two separate slipped discs, for half of her life.

“I’ve been in pain with my back for, like, half of my life, really,” Adele said. “It flares up, normally due to stress or from a stupid bit of posture.”

“I slipped my first disc when I was 15 from sneezing. I was in bed and I sneezed and my fifth one flew out,” she recalled. “In January, I slipped my sixth one, my L6. And then where I had a C-section, my core was useless,” she told The Face.

VIP tickets for Adele's Las Vegas residency show have been priced at a staggering £4million - in conjunction with a Formula 1 package.

Fans are completely outraged after discovering that the Emperor Package provided by Caesars Entertainment are priced at $5 million (£4.1 million).

The appropriately-named package provides 12 tickets to the Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix - which will take place next November - as well as two tickets for Adele’s concert at Caesars Palace.

After hearing the news, fans have spoken of how "sickened" they feel that Formula 1 would allow the price when only two Adele tickets are provided.

Taking to social media, one person wrote: "Absolutely sickening that F1 is even allowing this! Why would I even consider a race in the US when I can easily and am go to Europe to see a race for a fraction of the cost and that includes airfare and hotel."

"This is so ridiculous! Is this what a formula 1 Emperor Package has come to? I am fuming why only 2 tickets to Adele’s Residency at Caesar’s Palace? We need 12! Fix this," added a second.

A third then said: "The two Adeles residency really seals the deal if they were on the fence of why would you spend 5 million."

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