Installing a water heater is quite an easy task. You can also perform this task on your own, if you are comfortable with the DIY procedure. Here are some steps for water heater installation in Cambridge, MA.

Water Heater Installation in Cambridge, MA: Easy Steps

1. Switch off the Water Connection

You should shut off the water connection before you begin with the installation procedure. This can be done by shutting of the valve on the water line, which leads to the water heater best plumbing contractors. Ensure that you switch off the gas line as well by turning off the knob. The knob should be perpendicular to the line. Plug off the old heater if it is electrical.

2. Connect a Hose

The next step is connecting a hose to the drain valve, situated near the bottom of the heater. Place the hose near an outside location. Allow the water to drain out by opening the drain valve.

3. Unscrew the Water Inlet

You will then have to unscrew the water inlet and the water outflow fitting. This is situated at the top of the heater. You will have to use a pipe wrench for this task. Similarly, unscrew the fitting for the gas line as well.

4. Discard the Old Heater

Remove the old heater and dispose it as per the rules and regulations in your area. Install the new heater in place of the old one and level it appropriately. Ensure that all the controls and accessible.

5. Screw the water outlet and inlet line

Screw on the outlet as well as the inlet line. Use the wrenches in this task. Open the water line and fill in the tank completely.

6. Connect the Gas Line

Connect the gas line to the tank using the wrenches. If you are using an electrical heater, then switch on the mains. You can also seek the services of an expert if you are a novice at this task.

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