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The Indonesian National Team lost 0-2 to Argentina

The Indonesian national team lost to Argentina in the FIFA Matchday match at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Monday (19/6) evening.

Albiceleste appeared dominant since the first half started. As soon as the kick off whistle sounded, Argentina immediately took control of the game.

The tempo of the game is slow. Argentina slowly pierced Indonesia's defense. In the 10th minute Exequiel Palacios' shot was blocked by Ernando Ari. Argentina also had a chance after…


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The story of a city in the shadow of an old Soviet Union nuclear reactor

The city is 35 kilometers from the bustling capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Metsamor is a stone's throw from snowy Mount Ararat, across from the Turkish border.

Meanwhile, the nuclear power plant at Metsamor was built simultaneously with Chernobyl, in the 1970s.

Chernobyl, a power plant in the city of Pripyat, Ukraine, exploded in 1986 and is considered the biggest nuclear tragedy because it affected the lives of tens of thousands of Soviet citizens and its…


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Emperor Hirohito: The Longest Emperor of Japan and Traces of His History

Hirohito, the 142nd Emperor of Japan, played a major role in many historical events. This man, who is also known by his posthumous name Emperor Showa, was the emperor with the longest reign in Japanese history, from 1926 to 1989. Under his leadership, Japan was involved in various wars. Starting from the Manchuria Incident (1931), the Nanking Incident (1937), World War II, and Pearl Harbor. During his reign, Japan also invaded several countries, such as Indonesia, South Korea, the…


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Prediction of Man City vs Inter in the Champions League Final

Manchester City will face Inter Milan in the Champions League final, Sunday (11/6) early morning WIB. The following is the Man City vs Inter Champions League final prediction.

The Man City vs Inter duel will be held at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium on Saturday (10/6) local time or early Sunday WIB. This match will be broadcast live at 02.00 WIB.

Man City made it to the final after beating defending champion Real Madrid. The Citizens crushed Los Blancos 5-1 on…


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Russia Thwarts Large-Scale Offensive by Ukrainian Troops in Donetsk

Russia Thwarts Large-Scale Offensive by Ukrainian Troops in Donetsk

The Russian military claims to have thwarted and repelled a "large-scale attack" by Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk region which was annexed by Moscow last year.

As reported by AFP, Monday (5/6/2023), Kiev has for months said it was preparing a massive counteroffensive, with the aim of retaking areas occupied by Russian forces since its invasion launched in February 2022.

Donetsk is one of four Ukrainian…


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Sevilla Vs Roma Results: Penalty Shootout, Mourinho's Record Collapses, Rakitic et al Win!

Sevilla Vs Roma Results: Penalty Shootout, Mourinho's Record Collapses, Rakitic et al Win!

Sevilla won the 2022-2023 Europa League after defeating Roma in the final at the Arena Puskas Stadium on Thursday (1/6/2023) early morning WIB. Seville vs Roma match in the Europa League final schedule lasted until extra time and penalty shootout. Roma actually managed to score the first goal through Paulo Dybala's left foot kick in the 34th minute. However, Jose Mourinho's men accepted the…


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