Arsenal Defeat, Odegaard Gives Up Chasing Premier League Title This Season

It is increasingly difficult for Arsenal to chase the Premier League title this season after falling 0-3 to Brighton & Hove Albion at home. The Gunners captain, Martin Odegaard, thinks the title race is over.

"Yes, it feels like that (the title is out of the game). To be honest, the situation is getting more difficult now. It's hard to accept," Odegaard told Sky Sports after the match, quoted by the BBC.

"Not a good feeling at the moment. The way we played, especially in the second half, I honestly don't know what happened. It feels hopeless now."

"We played well in the first half and had some moments to create chances but we gave them a lot of momentum in the second half. We want to come here and continue the good form in the previous two games (against Chelsea and Newcastle United), get good results and keep pushing. It's a big disappointment."

"I don't think the problem is mental. We entered the field feeling good, but in the game it's a different story and we have to accept it and learn from it," explained the Norwegian midfielder.

This defeat left Arsenal in second place with 81 points from 36 matches, four points behind Manchester City, who had only appeared 35 times. A few hours earlier, Erling Haaland et al successfully defeated Everton 3-0.

With this situation, the maximum points that Arsenal can achieve if they win the remaining two matches are 87 points. This means that Man City only needs one win from the remaining three matches to lock in a fifth Premier League title in six years.


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