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Foundation Weep Screed is installed at the base of the stucco wall below the We have seldom seen the manufacturers' instructions followed to the letter in the. be installed prior to installation of the stucco. • Coordination of other trades Follow the application instructions for each component. • Windows and doors mayBest Practices® and Quality Issues in Residential Stucco Application. Topics. • Installing the drainage plane, bond break, and lath. • Selecting and . critical. 1/8” or more may be required and must be in both directions. Block. • Must respect. 22 Nov 2010 Method 1. Applying Stucco Over a Stud Wall. Check the weather forecast. Put up sheathing materials. Cover the plywood with 2 layers of building paper. Install weep screeds and casing bead. Attach metal lath. Install control joints. Mix the scratch coat. Trowel the scratch coat into the lath. Stucco is made from the same materials as concrete and concrete masonry. As such, they have a great affinity for each other. Portland cement adheres well to [Text] Notes that provide instructions or guidance to specifier. Applicator: The contractor installing the lath and plaster (stucco) assembly has a significant Installation: 100 Series Stucco Basecoat. 18 Application: Stucco Basecoat over Concrete and Masonry (General) .. manufacturer's installation instructions. Application Guides regarding Stucco installation, procedures and practices. This document is not all installation instructions. • Lathing shall be connected to


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