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6 Sep 2009 1 Nov 2018 Dampeer moves at 1300 speed during Vampiric Flight. Deals up to If it is used to kill an enemy hero, Dampeer gains 3 Essence charges. 1 Feb 2012Increase the damage by 45 and the fear duration by 0.25 seconds for each Essence Dampeer possesses. Max Fear Duration of 2 seconds with Staff of the 16 Feb 2011 Dampeer is the last HoN(Heroes of Newerth) Hero released by S2Games. They provided on their YouTube Channel a really nice Dampeer 21 Dec 2010 Dampeer is an AGI hero on the Hellbourne Side. Dampeer Skills Guide: Dampeer Skill # 1: Terrorize Dampeer instills terror within nearby foes, Skill Build. Vampiric Flight; Bloodthirst; Terrorize; Vampiric Flight; Terrorize; Consume; Terrorize; Terrorize; Vampiric Flight; Vampiric Flight; Consume; Bloodthirst 18 Jan 2011 19 Aug 2012 Terrorize – Dampeer instills terror within nearby foes, damaging them for . All-in-all, Dampeer is another all-round, unique S2 hero, who will Dampeer doesn't need healer. POPULARITY: 98%. AUTHOR: DrusDeus. LAST EDIT: 08/19/15 · _SH0CKWAVE_'s Dampeer Guide. POPULARITY: 98%.

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