Ways to Make Money Online in India For Students

Let me first say that, while there are more ways to make money online then I can cover in this article. These 4 ways are my personal favorites. Two of them are more for a little extra cash here and there, and the other twohow to make money online have an unlimited earning potential. So here we go!

Paid Surveys are a great and fast way to make money online. There are different websites you can go to for this. They are free to join and will pay you for filling out their surveys. The surveys usually take about 15-20 mins each.

Selling your stuff is pretty self-explanatory. Find all that old stuff ( you know that pile of stuff you never use) and sell it for some fast cash! There are many websites that you can advertise on, I like the garage sale sites that you can find through Facebook!

Free lance writing, This takes a little more skill and effort, however if you are willing and able this way of making money online can pay off in a big way! Many jobs are available for people who have a skill for the written word. Not to mention that companies can pay very well for it.

Home based jobs is the last (but not least) way to make money online that I will cover. This takes work. Like free-lance writing you are working for yourself. So keeping that in mind, you want to treat this like a job and be professional. The more time you devote to it the more it will pay off. Start by picking a company or product that are passionate about. This is a key point, if you don't love it, it will become hard to sell yourself and your product.

So, as you read, the first two ways we covered are more for fast cash from time to time. The last two ways to make money online have the potential to become a full-time job and then some! Remember, when it comes to picking a way that works best for you, do your research. Stick with reputable websites and avoid scams.

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