Determination of Bacterial Endotoxin in Pharmaceuticals

Many female friends have suffered, perhaps now, are suffering from bacterial vaginitis. However, few of them have a correct understanding of the disease. I sincerely hope this article can help women better odstranění zubního kamene bacterial vaginitis.

What is bacterial vaginitis?

Bacterial vaginitis is a kind of mixed infections which are caused by the imbalance of vaginal flora.

There is a variety of bacteria in the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the various bacteria reach an equilibrium state. However, the balance is broken when the vaginal environment changes for some reason. In this case, lactobacillus will reduce and other bacteria, such as the anaerobic, will multiply. Meanwhile, the anaerobic bacteria produce amines. As a result, the vagina becomes alkaline and vaginal discharge increases. And this is so-called bacterial vaginitis.

What are the symptoms of bacterial vaginitis?

The main symptom of bacterial vaginitis is increased vaginal discharge. The discharge may have an odor, and it will aggravate after sexual intercourse. Other symptoms may include genital itching and burning sensation. However, about 10% to 40% of patients have no symptoms.

Will women who have no sexual life be infected with bacterial vaginitis?

Since bacterial vaginitis is related with sex, the disease mostly occurs in women who have sexual life. However, women having no sexual life also can be plagued by the disease. The reasons may be as follows:

Poor health hygiene. In the menstrual period, bacteria can invade into the vagina. The abuse of unclear sanitary napkins will pollute the vulva, thus causing the multiplication of bacteria. The more bacteria the vulva has, the more easily vagina is infected.
Wearing unproper pants. Some pants are chemical and blended fabric. These pants always have poor air permeability. If you wear this kind of pants, vaginal secretion will be difficult to be discharged and bacteria will breed. As a result, bacteria vaginitis occurs.

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