Unveiling the Art of Architectural Splendor: From Small Homes to Commercial Wonders

In the vibrant city of Lucknow, nestled near Jay Gopal Dharam Kata in Ahmamau, we present a journey through the fascinating realm of architectural design and planning. Imagination Shaper, your trusted partner in transforming spaces, invites you to explore an array of building plans and designs that cater to every taste and requirement.

Small House Design:

At Imagination Shaper, we understand the charm and practicality of small house designs. Our portfolio showcases an exquisite collection of small home designs that maximize space without compromising on style. From cozy retreats to contemporary marvels, our small home plans cater to diverse preferences rent house design.

Single Floor House Design:

Simplicity meets elegance in our single-floor house designs. Imagination Shaper specializes in crafting modern, simple, and village-inspired single-floor home front designs that embrace the beauty of a well-planned layout. Experience the convenience and aesthetic appeal of single-floor living with our thoughtfully designed homes.

3D Floor Plans and Home Design:

Visualize your dreams with our state-of-the-art 3D floor plans and home design services. Imagination Shaper brings your ideas to life, allowing you to explore your future space in three dimensions. Whether you're planning a North, South, East, or West-facing house, our 3D home design services ensure a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Vastu-Compliant House Plans:

Harmony in design extends beyond aesthetics; it includes a connection with natural elements. Imagination Shaper offers Vastu-compliant house plans tailored to your house's orientation—North, South, East, or West. Create spaces that resonate with positive energy and align with ancient principles of architecture.

Apartment and Commercial Building Design:

From compact apartment plans to expansive commercial structures, Imagination Shaper excels in creating designs that blend functionality with aesthetics. Our architects craft modern commercial buildings with captivating front elevations, ensuring a harmonious integration with the surroundings. We also specialize in designing shopping complexes, both large and small, catering to diverse business needs.

Corner House and Row House Design:

Leverage the unique charm of corner plots with our distinctive corner house designs. Imagination Shaper transforms these spaces into architectural masterpieces, maximizing natural light and street presence. Explore our collection of row house designs, carefully balancing individuality and community living.

School Architect and Building Design:

Education spaces require thoughtful design, and Imagination Shaper excels in school architecture. Our architects create innovative school building designs and floor plans that foster a conducive learning environment. Imagination Shaper is your partner in shaping the future through inspiring educational spaces.

Rental Purpose House Plans:

Investing in rental properties? Imagination Shaper offers practical and appealing rental purpose house plans, ensuring durability, low maintenance, and tenant satisfaction. Explore small rent house plans designed to meet the unique needs of rental properties.


Imagination Shaper, located near Jay Gopal Dharam Kata in Ahmamau, Lucknow, is more than an architectural firm—it's a visionary creator of spaces. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy 2 BHK home, a modern commercial building, or a Vastu-compliant abode, our team is dedicated to shaping your imagination into architectural splendor. Contact us at +91-9721818970, and let's embark on a journey to craft spaces that inspire and captivate.

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