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We Serve Ice Cream With A Unique Fun:
Visit Rollin Frozen's ice cream truck philadelphia, PA for the ultimate ice cream experience. Rollin Frozen's rolled ice cream is the perfect way to enjoy ice cream because it's more fun, and the taste is everything. Our rolled ice cream is like heaven of wonderful flavors, textured to perfection, that'll get your taste buds tingling and make you come back to visit us. All you have to do is select one of our signature flavors from our menu and our team members will make your mouth-watering rolled ice cream . It's definitely a unique opportunity not just in visuals but for eating too.

Explore about ice cream food truckfor events. Rollin Frozen s mission is to serve our customers the finest and freshest ice cream, made with high quality ingredients here in Philadelphia

ENJOY signature flavors:
Our mission is to serve the finest and freshest ice cream; made from the highest quality ingredients, with a unique flare, that will provide a memorable experience for every customer.

What is Rolled Ice Cream?
Rolled ice cream began its rise to fame in Thailand and South East Asia. It also known as Stir fried ice cream. It is made using, cream, milk, and sugars as well as other added ingredients to increase the flavor. Street food vendors invented a way to entertain customers and offer unlimited flavors, it's a process in which a base flavor of cream is chosen and combined with a choice of ingredients to be mixed, flattened, and rolled into the popular dessert we love to serve!


Made In Front Of You:
Rolling Frozen rolled ice cream is a mouth-watering hand-made ice cream dessert that is made to order, while-you-waiting. Watch our skilled professionals as they create the delicious dessert right in front of your eyes. Making the ice cream in front of you allows us to put on a great show while creating a fun environment for everyone, we invite you to experience ice cream like no other. At Rollin Frozen Ice Cream we strive to achieve the same feeling with each customer, turning liquid cream into ice cream in under three minutes.

Why We Are Special?
Our vast selection of toppings added to your ice cream makes us special. We customize your special dessert any way you want. We have a variety of flavors that are available. Each cup is made to give you a mouth-watering experience. You may not be able to find every flavor everyday, but we can guarantee you'll find something to tantalize your taste buds each time you visit Rollin Frozen!


Food Truck Location:2400 Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145

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