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It's in the name borneo candle studio is co-founded by a malaysian sarawakian bruneian duo hence we chose a name that represents where we come from despite being from two different countries we are a malaysian bruneian-owned business and all our products are proudly made in Borneo.
I had always been obsessed with candles and are fascinated by how scents are able to transform our mood having used mass market and luxury candles my candle experiences varied from pleasant to disappointing scents and outrageous price tags.
It was in 2018 when i first found out about soy candle from a maker abroad on a weekend market after researching for more information i realised we have been unaware of the dangers in burning the conventional scented candles which are usually made of paraffin wax

Finding high quality toxic-free candles with an accessible price locally seems almost impossible hence this started our year-long journey of sourcing ingredients countless testing and trialling in our studio kitchen before launching in November 2019 .
From ingredients to packaging our candles are designed with eco-friendly and quality in mind each candle is handcrafted in small batches using 100 soy wax phthalate-free fragrance and essential oil blends with cotton wicks
our scents are inspired by nature and the different mood we experience seek in our daily lives - we aim to create unique scents you can't find anywhere else .
we hope you enjoy our products ,Thank you.

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