Many touts, UEFA Bans Liverpool and Rangers FC Fans from Buying Illegal Tickets

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has strictly prohibited Liverpool and Rangers FC supporters from buying tickets illegally at ticket brokers. If you still dare to buy illegal tickets, UEFA is ready to impose sanctions, including not being able to watch the Champions League and Europa League finals which Liverpool and Rangers will participate in.

As is known, these two teams are participants from the top party of the biggest competition in Europe. Liverpool for the Champions League and Rangers for the 2021-2022 Europa League.

Liverpool will face Real Madrid on May 29, 2022 at the Stade de France Stadium, Paris. While Rangers will face Eintracht Frankfurt on 19 May 2022 at Ramon Sanchez, Seville.

There were protests from each club regarding the allocation of the top party tickets. For example, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp criticized that the tickets allocated to his fans were too few and expensive.

As an illustration, Liverpool supporters were only given a quota of 20,000 tickets from the 75,000 capacity Stade de France stadium. The price charged is in the range of 579 – 50 pounds, or approximately Rp. 10.3 million – Rp.892 million.

Finally, the criticism spread to protests among fans in the form of illegal ticket sales. UEFA is also concerned about the security risks posed by these protests.

"Any tickets offered for sale by third parties on the internet (including on social media, marketplaces and secondary ticketing platforms) are advertised in violation of the ticket terms and conditions," UEFA warned in a statement. 2022).

"UEFA actively enforces its ticketing terms and conditions, including by monitoring the internet, and will take action (including canceling tickets) where unauthorized advertisements are identified."

"In addition, UEFA is aware that requests for tickets to the final may result in fake tickets entering the secondary market, as was the case in previous finals. Fans are advised that such fake tickets will not enter the stadium.

"In order to maintain the safety and security of fans, ticket holders should be aware that checks will be carried out at the final and local authorities in the cities will take action against the unauthorized resale of tickets," concluded a UEFA statement.

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