Manchester City Wins Premier League Title After Nearly Kicking It Away

Three second-half goals capped a dramatic final day, and denied Liverpool an improbable championship. MANCHESTER, England — In that wild, euphoric moment, as the stands rattled and shook, Manchester City felt it again, that sensation it had known once, not all that long ago, the one enshrined in a shimmering statue on the plaza outside the Etihad Stadium. They would, they had been told, never see its like again. They could, it turned out, come very close indeed. The depiction of Sergio Agüero, his torso bared, jersey twirling around his head, unveiled earlier this month dates back only 10 years, but it already has the air not so much of history but of folklore; that instant, the last-gasp goal that secured the first title of Manchester City’s new era, has come to serve as the modern club’s origin story.

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