Joe Biden will visit Delaware County on Tuesday

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. - President Biden will visit Delaware County on Tuesday.

The visit is part of a nationwide push highlighting the COVID-19 relief bill as well as promoting the stimulus and vaccinations

He will visit a small business while in Delaware County.

The roadshow — dubbed the "Help is Here" tour by the White House — kicked off with remarks from President Joe Biden on the White House's effort to highlight the benefits of his huge COVID relief plan. He declared that "hope is here in real and tangible ways" as his administration began fanning out across the country to promote the new spending.

Biden said that within the next 10 days, his administration will clear two important benchmarks: distributing 100 million stimulus payments and administering 100 million vaccine doses since he took office.

He and Harris are slated to appear together in Atlanta on Friday.

Also on Monday, first lady Jill Biden toured a New Jersey elementary school.

President Joe Biden to visit Delaware County on Tuesday

While in New Jersey, Dr. Jill Biden spoke of the difficulties families are facing due to the pandemic, but that the American Rescue Plan is focused on stregthening communities.

She announced three different categories of help for families during the pandemic, which included direct payments to support families, childcare, and saving jobs.

"And this pandemic has made the problem so much worse. Like schools, parents need childcare in order to work," she explained. As a result, a record number of mothers have left the workforce in order to take care of their children Dr. Jill Biden added.

Last week, President Biden directed states to make all adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine no later than May 1. Delaware County, one of the state's most populated areas, was among several southeastern counties that rallied for an increased shipment of doses last week.

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