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Mounting problems test Joe Biden presidency

Presidents get into trouble when they are seen as controlled by events rather than the other way around. This is…


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Joe Biden is bringing together Japan and Australia as well India

Forget France , AUKUS and nuclear-powered submarines - one of the most important moments for the future of…


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Joe Biden says Republican governors undermining his vaccine mandates

President Joe Biden on Thursday defended his administration's new vaccine mandates and said Republican governors undermining…


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Joe Biden Embraces Message of Unity on 9/11 Anniversary

From an urban memorial to a remote field to the heart of of the nation's military might, President Joe…


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Joe Biden tries to turn the page after US debacle in Afghanistan

Once again Joe Biden found himself talking about nation-building, the fragility of democracy and the threat that religious…


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Joe Biden agenda this month on $3.5 trillion bill

Sen. Joe Manchin, the most pivotal Democratic swing vote in the Senate, threw a major wrench in his party's carefully…


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Afghanistan exit and pandemic exacerbate Biden presidency of crisis

President Joe Biden is confronting an extraordinary confluence of intensifying crises that are pushing a White House already mired in extreme challenges to the limit.…


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Joe Biden presidency is under scrutiny as never before over Afghan chaos

President Joe Biden is struggling against an intensifying examination of his judgment, competence and even his empathy over the…


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Joe Biden credibility has been shredded in Afghanistan

If Donald Trump were presiding over the debacle in Afghanistan, the US foreign policy establishment would be loudly condemning the irresponsibility and immorality of American strategy. Since it is Joe…


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Joe Biden infrastructure bill on cruise control to Senate passage

President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal cleared its final serious Senate hurdle Sunday night, putting the legislation on a glide path to passage as soon as…


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The pandemic turning point the Joe Biden did not want

President Joe Biden is tired of wearing a mask, Stepping into the East Room on Thursday, his face covered in black surgical fabric for the first time in weeks, the President made no attempt to disguise his…


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Biden announces measures to incentivize Covid-19 vaccinations

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced a number of new steps his administration will take to try to get more Americans vaccinated and slow the spread of coronavirus, including requiring that…


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Joe Biden approval rating simply has not moved

President Joe Biden's presidency is now six months old. You'd be forgiven if you didn't realize how long Biden has been in office because Biden doesn't generate anywhere near the same news interest (see Google searches) as his predecessor,…


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Joe Biden approves $100m emergency to Afghan refugees

US President Joe Biden has authorised up to $100m from an emergency fund to meet “unexpected urgent” refugee needs stemming from the situation in Afghanistan, including for Afghan…


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Joe Biden makes false claims about Covid-19 and other subjects

President Joe Biden participated Wednesday in the second CNN town hall of his presidency, taking questions from anchor Don Lemon and local residents in Cincinnati.

As he did at his February town hall, Biden made a number of false or misleading…


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Joe Biden sharpen their strategy to confront epic challenges

Joe Biden's presidency is only six months old, but the mood inside the White House can often feel like a race against time.

"The clock is running. We all know that," a senior adviser to Biden said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "The…


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Joe Biden backs away from his claim that Facebook is killing people

President Joe Biden continued to put pressure on Facebook on Monday over the online dissemination of Covid-19 vaccine information, but backed off his recent accusation that the company was directly responsible for "killing people" and…


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