Biden decamp either to Delaware or Camp David

Officials said they expected Biden to decamp either to Delaware or Camp David frequently on the weekends. Eager for the soothing presence of his family and more space to roam than the highly secure White House grounds can provide, he follows a well-worn pattern of presidents ditching Washington come Friday afternoon.

President George W. Bush's spent frequent weekends clearing brush at his Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas. President Donald Trump regularly escaped to his clubs in Florida and New Jersey, at which he charged the Secret Service for their lodging.
Those presidents' activities were fairly well-documented, from Trump's more than 300 days on the golf course or Bush's efforts at clearing downed limbs and branches from his property, sometimes using a chainsaw. Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton did not have homes they returned to frequently at weekends, though Obama spent some weekends in the desert outside Palm Springs, California, and Clinton used Camp David frequently.

Like them, Biden brings with him only a minimal number of staffers, which past weekends have included senior advisers Bruce Reed and Steve Ricchetti; National Security Council chief of staff Yohannes Abraham; personal aide Stephen Goepfert; and photographer Adam Schultz.

His home has been equipped with secure communications equipment and facilities, though so far Biden has yet to confront major national security crises from the property as Trump often did from Mar-a-Lago.

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