5 Best Tirana Outdoor Activities and Adventure Tours

            In Tirana, Albania's Capital, each monument and outdoor structure has its complicated and emotionally-charged story to tell. How do you want to know all of this if that you don't leave the four corners of your accommodation? Surely, you would want to explore the past and present of the city in its disintegrating soviet-era buildings, completely new projects and proud historic monuments. Now let's explore some of the greatest things to do in Tirana, they are not to be missed!

  1. Look at the history behind the Piramida

The uniqueness of Piramida makes it an unforgettable and culturally – significant building even though it was completed not long before the fall of communism. This unique monument is a museum to honor the country's despotic dictator Enver Hoxha who ruled from 1944 to 1985 but it's now a crux of a debate on how to cope with the time scale following the Second World War when Albania suffered 45 years of isolation. WOW! That's just a little bit of the annals; go there to know far more!!!

  1. Carry on Family Cable-Car Riding

That is one of the greatest activities you are able to continue as a group or family. Taking a cable-car will surely provide you with a superb introduction to the city as you move through the longest cable-car line in the Balkans which rides a lot more than 800 meters up the mountainside on Tirana's eastern edge. There are plenty of activities also for you personally at the the top of mountain which include exploring a tourism complex with restaurants and hotels, trekking, horseback riding in summer, skiing in winter and lots more.

  1. Explore an assembly of Tirana's premier Monuments

Skanderbeg Square! That is where you will see nearly all of Tirana's foremost attractions and monuments – a few of which include Clock Tower, Et'hem Bey Mosque, the National History Museum (named after George Castriot – an Albanian National Hero), and lots more. Taking a walking tour to this awesome arena is one of the greatest you are able to set about whilst the professional guide will navigate through the pack of monuments and feed you with live commentary. To see probably the most of Albanian, no other place is best recommended as opposed to Skanderbeg Square.

  1. Look at the National Historic Museum

It is a known proven fact that Tirana and Albania employ a complicated past; exploring the National Historic Museum will provide you with a point of entry in benefiting from context of it. The Museum is definitely an embodiment of history organized by pavilions which covers different periods in the region's history right from the ancient times to the 21st century.


  1. Take Fresh Air At The Grand Park

Some miles south of the beautiful Biloku district is the Grandest Park in Tirana. This unique landmark is the city's centre top area for outdoors and a little bit of exercise. Enclosing a sizable artificial lake, the park covers about 230 hectares and the famous Presidential Palace are available here that was completed many years before communism. Furthermore, get interested in the tombs of several Albanian National Heroes in the park; a few of such as writers, philosophers, politicians, and lots more. To crown it all, the improving water quality makes it possible for outdoor swimming in summer.

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