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0 9 Mrt 2023


Begonnen door daniewa

0 8 Mrt 2023

Bikini designer swaps swimwear for lingerie as fans compare her to supermodel

A woman flaunted her curves in sexy lingerie to remind people she thinks she's a "confident Queen". Bikini designer Karina Irby is known fo…

Begonnen door tania white

0 3 Jan 2023

Sugar baby demands 'daddies' buy every item from Ann Summers – or she'll leave

Christmas is known as the time of giving not receiving – however that can't be further from the truth for Nova Jewels. It looks like Santa…

Begonnen door clinton solis

0 25 Dec 2022

Messi becomes a good new business for PSG

When Lionel Messi called Paris Saint-Germain, on the same summer day that Joan Laporta left him stranded in the famous meeting in which the…

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1 1 Dec 2022
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Megan Fox topless for sultry snap as she hits out at claim she didn't shave 'bush'

Megan Fox looked sensational as she stripped topless for a sultry shoot – but she was soon forced to slam claims she had forgotten to shave…

Begonnen door tania white

0 13 Nov 2022

Fitness influencer slams 'heroin chic' telling women 'your body is not a trend'

A fitness influencer slammed the so-called "heroin chic" image, and told women "your body is not a trend." Online coach Liv, AKA Liv Livin…

Begonnen door clinton solis

0 12 Nov 2022

'I matched with my ex on Tinder to stand him up – and watched him alone at bar'

When relationships end it's common for the once lovers to wonder what each other are doing. Some opt to have a cheeky peek at their new lov…

Begonnen door tania white

0 11 Nov 2022

Brutal 'quiet quitting' dating trend sees you ditch blokes without having to dump them

A dating expert confessed she uses the "quiet quitting" technique to end relationships - it's pretty brutal, but it saves you the problem o…

Begonnen door clinton solis

0 10 Nov 2022

'I made a mould of my vagina so it can live forever – my husband loves it'

A woman turned a mould of her vagina into a sex toy – to enable her bits to "live forever". Bonnie Locket, 34, from Surrey, recently hit th…

Begonnen door clinton solis

0 8 Nov 2022


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