Bikini designer swaps swimwear for lingerie as fans compare her to supermodel

A woman flaunted her curves in sexy lingerie to remind people she thinks she's a "confident Queen".

Bikini designer Karina Irby is known for showing off her curves in saucy swimwear, but she usually shares unposed and unedited snaps with her over 1m Instagram followers.

In a recent post she slipped into sexy lingerie and strutted her stuff to show she's "confident and strong".

Karina is known for posting natural pictures that show what real bodies look like.

These vary from images that focus on showing off her curves and cellulite to snaps that a lot of people would usually delete due to their "unflattering angles".

But recently she wanted to show people that even though she's known for body positive content, she is still "strong" and "confident", and she said it's important to celebrate the good things about herself sometimes.

She said it's not vain to think you look great and to "hype yourself up" from time to time, and that's exactly what she did in her latest snap.

The blonde beauty looked happy and confident as she posed in see-through lingerie.

Pretty and sexy - the nude design was decorated with a black pattern - and she looked amazing in the saucy set.

Writing on Instagram, Karina said: "Posting this as a reminder to myself that, even though I post a lot of unflattering angles and thrust videos.

"I’m still a strong, confident Queen who knows what she wants!

"Gotta have a flex on yourself every now and then. It doesn’t make you vain.

"It’s important to hype yourself up and be your own cheerleader, even if you don’t feel like it.

"Because, after all, if you can’t build yourself up then how can you expect others to?"

Since she shared the snap, more than 22,000 people have liked it.

Over 100 people also commented, and told her she looked amazing.

One person said: "Thank you for helping us feel more confident and beautiful in our own skin."

Another added: "It's giving Victoria Secret model."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Absolutely. You always make us smile."

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