You probably took great care of the books and gradually accumulated your collection into something incredible. It generally does not matter if it was the Superman series, the Spider-man series or a smaller known series. Those books from years ago will have some significant punch behind them Manga. Comic book collecting is a huge hobby. Even if you just enjoy reading the comics, it is a good way to reconnect to your childhood. If you are not really acquainted with comics, this information will help you out.

When did comic books originate?

There is of debate regarding when the very first comic book was created. The newest thought is that the very first comic book was "The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck" and it was written in 1837 in Europe. Later in 1842 this comic book made its way to New York City. That early comic book will be more accurately called a graphic novel.

It absolutely was 40 pages long and did not have the conventional text bubble next to a character. The writing was found in the bottom of the panel. The creator Rudolphe Topffer went on to generate 7 more graphic novels in numerous languages. There have been comic books that came after that but nobody really knows what happened to them. Another one that there's proof was called "The Yellow Kid."

What's the longest running series or character in a comic book?

Probably the longest running series or character in you might be evenly split between Popeye, Mutt and Jeff, and Little Nemo in Slumberland. Following these comics then it will be Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Tarzan and the Phantom. It's surprising that comics have been with us for higher than a hundred years. They have undergone many changes as society has changed. You will find them in just about any language and are adored worldwide. But two of the biggest selling countries in the comic book world will be the United States and Japan.

How do you determine the worth of comic books?

The worthiness of comic books depends on several factors. The first is the year it was produced. The second reason is the storyline or main character. If it is a favorite character like Superman, Batman, the Fantastic Four or Spiderman, it will be worth more cash because there are more collectors of the popular story arcs. Another factor in the worth of a comic book is exactly how many were printed at the time.

If the marketplace was flooded, the worth comes down. The last factor is the situation of one. If it's been stored properly and doesn't have marks, smudges or tears, it will be worth higher than a copy that has been well read and thumbed through. It's why its collectors take their comic books so seriously. For them it is an investment and a love of the story.

Where can I sell my comic books?

Before you begin selling off your comic books, you need to know simply how much they're worth. The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, 32nd Edition will have a way to pinpoint what the values of your comic books are depending on the condition. Once you have a notion, then you're able to either sell them to a fellow comic book collector on eBay or you can take them to a comic book store and place an offer on the bulletin board. Just remember that buyers will attempt to have them at the cheapest price they could so be prepared to handle different offers.

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