With the proliferation of so-called "social networking (SM) experts" practically outnumbering phone users, many in the marketing profession are beginning to question whether it is wise for a business to use a social networking agency.

There were claims that numerous social networking agencies are taking advantage of business owners who simply don't know any benefit about the medium Adin Ross. These sham agencies are saturated in tools and tactics but possess little to no strategy for just how to utilize them to fulfill business goals. For a business that's unsure of SM's benefits, the safe bet for a SM campaign might be via a partnership with a normal advertising or marketing agency rather than social networking startup. All things considered, many advertising and marketing agencies will likely have at least one internal SM authority.

But playing it safe will get a business nowhere. Merely posting tweets and Facebook links to a business's website content won't catapult a business to a million followers or likes that may be leveraged. It won't even help the company get their content noticed. There's nothing "social" about these tactics, actually it is no different from advertising; one of the ways communication from an organization to consumers. Little to no influence among consumers could be gained from this. The smartest businesses using SM thrive on creating relationships. To build them you should do as much listening as you do communicating

Social Media Agencies Bring Results

Many business owners like the outcomes they are getting from social networking agencies. In a February 2011 Altimeter Group report it was revealed that 59% of companies use boutique social networking agencies compared to 35% that use traditional agencies for social business. Meanwhile, in a 2011 Ad agency report, 60% of digital services revenue originated in digital-specialty agencies.

Put simply, we can expect the continued presence and growth of social networking agencies. The inauthentic agencies with those who claim to be experts will eventually be outed, as they ought to, whilst the significantly more than stellar ones will end up acquisition targets for larger agencies.

A Business Can't Do it Alone

To accomplish its business goals through SM, i.e, increased sales or consumer loyalty, a business will need time. More to the point it will need the resources to:
a. plan a SM marketing campaign and conduct online research
b. create custom designed Facebook applications
c. enhance an individual experience on its website
d. measure and monitor its online sentiment

A small business must work hard to generate its online community of friends and followers. All of this can take considerable effort and require the most expertise. Your organization will need a group of experts operating in unison to complete your company goals. More and more businesses are realizing this and searching for outside assistance.

The right online strategies for the right brand can lead to awareness, engagement, and most importantly, sales and influence. The expertise and client experience that social networking agencies have will prove invaluable for a business seeking to launch an integrative social networking campaign.

This is not to say that the business will always need a cultural media agency. The keys to SM platforms could be passed from agency to business, but only after a certain point in time. SM may appear easy, but in fact it does take time and preparation. It will be a better for a business to learn how to master it by having an agency's help than to go it alone. Your business's SM success is a direct result of that time period spent planning your objectives and targets.

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