Outreach (outreach) is part of search engine optimization, does not violate the rules of search engines and has a positive impact on the position of the site in the search results.

What is outreach?

The term outreach is associated with brand and website promotion.

Outreach is a set of measures aimed at placing links on thematic sites.

Literally translated, outreach means propaganda, dissemination of information.

The work of an outreach specialist is as follows:

  • Search for sites for posting links;
  • Site filtering;
  • Search for contacts to start negotiations on the placement of links;
  • Negotiating with the author of the site;
  • Checking posted links.

The benefits of implementing a set of outreach measures are as follows:

  • The links placed on the promoted site flow the weight. The transferred weight is a ranking factor that affects the position of the site in the organic search engine results;
  • Targeted traffic comes to the site being promoted. Links are placed on thematic sites, so after placing links to the site, targeted traffic comes in a natural way, increasing the conversion rate and bringing in leads;
  • Targeted traffic improves behavioral ranking factors. Behavioral factors also affect a site's ranking in search results.

There are special tools to optimize outreach work. Such tools reduce the time required to complete the work.

The main types of such tools are:

  • Competitive intelligence services. The Services use data collected from the Internet and processed about competitive sites;
  • Google search results generated using special operators.

So, there are many thematic sites on the Internet that cover all traffic in any of the niches. You can buy buy seo links from similar sites, which are able to increase the position of the site in the search results and increase targeted traffic.

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