The Various Types of Clipping Path Services and When to Use Them


A clipping path service is typically used to remove the background of an image, but not all clipping path services are created equal. Depending on the nature of your business or your personal preferences, you may benefit from different types of image clipping services. The following guide will outline some of the different types of clipping path services available and when you should use them.


DIY clipping path

If you’re not ready to pay for a clipping path service, try DIYing it! It can save you some cash and help you learn more about Photoshop, but keep in mind that there are limitations on what you can remove. For example, if there is a person in your image and they are looking at another direction (i.e., their face isn’t looking at any particular object) it may not be as easy to cut them out.


Online clipping path software

The easiest way to obtain a clipping path is by using online clipping path software. This solution is very user-friendly and does not require any special knowledge or skills on your part. After uploading your image, you just need to choose one of preset background removal techniques, e.g., cut out option where software will remove background for you automatically. This is perfect for beginners! But be aware that most tools available online are also free and are not as efficient as paid alternatives.


Image editing software

You don’t need any fancy software or graphics programs for clipping paths. You just need a program that can cut, paste, resize, and save images. A few that are great for beginners: GIMP (free), Paint (included in Windows) , and Skitch (free from Evernote).


Overnight clipping path service

In some cases, you might need a clipping path service on very short notice. In such cases, it is often worth paying an overnight premium to get your clipping done quickly.


Final thoughts

It’s worth mentioning that there are no wrong answers when it comes to writing a professional blog post. Some businesses will naturally lend themselves better to certain topics than others, but if you want your content marketing efforts to be successful, chances are you need some variation of all three topics. Your best bet is always going to be being aware of your strengths as a business while picking topics that keep readers interested.


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