The process Of How To get rid of A Wasp Nest

How to get rid of a wasp nest? Getting rid of one is not only a difficult task but also can be a dangerous one. Some people are allergic to their sting. Here are a few steps for removing a wasp nest without receiving those painful stings.
wasp nest removal

Firstly, you need to locate the wasps' nest. Some wasps' nest can be easily located, while some can be located underneath the ground, or up in the tree. It can be hidden even in a crack of your house. Locate the centre of the wasp activity and then get prepared..

Protect yourself. Make sure you are appropriately dressed. Make sure that you are wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt so that your body is completely covered. This will give these insects less opportunity to sting you. An angry wasp is out for revenge and you will be its target if it identifies you as being the one to disturb the peace. If possible get something to protect your face too.

You will then need a product that is specific to the purpose of killing wasps. This can be a raid wasp and hornet killer, available at most hardware stores. Some people advocate the use of a projectile in that this will keep you a safe distance from the nest, however to be effective, you need to target the nest directly and a projectile leads itself open to misfiring or not hitting the exact spot.

Spray all over the nest and make sure you have not missed any spot. Wait for another day after spraying and check the nest again. If you find there is still wasp activity, spray the wasp nest again. Keep repeating the process daily until there is no more wasp activity around its original home. Whilst you may have killed off wasp workers, your main target is the queen wasp as this is the reproduction factory of the nest.

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