Shipping Parrots - Getting Your Parrot Safely Home

Shipping a parrot is a worrying time, but once you research the facts you will come to realize that it need not be since with adequate preparation it is a very safe process. Shipping from overseas is somewhat more problematic, and can lead to problems with your parrot's health and possibly death. The key with overseas shipping is dealing with reputable and experienced aviculturists, and ensuring it is in compliance with laws at the time. In this article we consider some of the factors involved in shipping your birds within a country, something that can be necessary when local breeders do not have the species you are looking for.

Airplanes are a common mode of transport for birds, and it really shouldn't be stressful on them, even when young Safe Home Management. Airlines are well prepared for transporting pets in special temperature and pressure controlled parts of the plane. The breeder at the other end will place the bird in a special container designed for comfortable shipping.

The breeder will ensure that the parrots have an adequate supply of food for the journey, and since a water bowl is not possible moist foods are provided to ensure the birds are adequately hydrated. This is all fine and dandy as long as the parrot is weaned, but if the bird is not weaned and there is a delay in the shipping then a young bird could be in real trouble. For this reason it is recommended to only ship fully weaned birds.

The majority of shipped parrots are young birds and rather than making this harder on the bird it in fact makes it easier, when you consider that they have spent every hour experiencing new things a flight will just be one more experience. You'll often find that a young parrot barely notices that it was shipped and embraces its new surroundings upon arrival without a care in the world! At worst it may take a few days to acclimatize.

However, as a precaution it is always recommended to take your new parrot to the vet right away. As much as to check for ill effects from the flight this is to check that it does not have any viruses or bacteria from its breeding environment. This is particularly important if you have other birds, and until your parrot has passed its first bill of health you will not want it to mix with others in a shared aviary, or even shared room.

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