Safe Android Apps Download - In contrast to Searching for a Needle in a Haystack of Data

Android os OS based devices are lording it over the electronic world today. Android os Cell phones are the only ones that can be said to have affected the growth of the mighty iphone. The main reason behind such huge popularity of the Android os devices is not just because the OS is from Google but also because of the fact that there is no scarcity for free applications for Android os based devices that makes them popular. Though there is no scarcity for the free Android os apps, unfortunately, along with free stuff comes in the problem of malware and bacteria. The potential risk of getting the Android os devices infected with virus or malware is keeping many of them stay away from enjoying loads of free Android os apps. Statistics indicate that 20, 000+ new Android os applications appeared just during this month (November 2010 alone). Certainly, looking for safe virus free Android os applications would seem like searching for a needle in a digital haystack of data. However, here is the key to deal with the safest Android os applications from the rest.

The best Protection Against Virus, Malware and Spyware:

Well, this is not about any advertisement about some antivirus program for your Android os device. In fact if you go behind searching for the best antivirus for your Android os device, you'll wind up in getting a virus itself. mod apk So the best protection against all vulnerabilities of your Android os device is to spot the best one. Just go on reading to know how to spot the safest free Android os apps.

User reviews, comments and ratings the main deciding factor - The primary deciding factor to confirm the safety of the free Android os apps is the user reviews. As the Android os applications are getting traditional, there would be many first time users for every application and they would definitely share their experiences with the application. If there are similar negative feedback from the users, it is obviously wise to stay away from that application.

Ignoring Permission Alerts are paths to breach of personal data - All the Android os powered devices carry sensitive personal data. Due to people's tendency to install and try all the free applications, con artists usually can gain quick access to this info as well. According to certain surveys, only 1 out of 10 people look at the installation instructions and the permission alerts. Ignoring the permission alerts (such as the ones that need your permission to access your address book) will be like opening the doors to everything for the con artists usually. Look at the permission alerts carefully while installing free Android os apps. If there are no permission alerts during installation, you can always see the permission setting buy navigating to "security" through market- menu- downloads-select instance - menu - security.

Android os apps download from sites that give a wealth of inspiring and useful information - There are many spots online where you can find free Android os apps along with lots of details. Always look for info such as history of previous versions of the application, permissions needed, user comments, application progression history etc.

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