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Brand-name prescription versions include emollient moisturizers and have more-superior delivery techniques for getting the energetic ingredient into the pores and skin. These additions are the primary distinction retin-a between generic Retin-A and the pricier name-brand versions (a large tube of a name brand will run about $150 versus about $80 for a generic). The drawback with Retin-A is that it may truly make skin look worse — with redness, flakiness and peeling — for up to eight weeks. Buy retin-a 200mg online with prescription. What Should You Tell Your Doctor Before Using Tretinoin? retin-a The pigmentation can turn out to be irregular and mottled because of this. Read MoreAll information shall be used in a manner according to the WebMD privateness policy. Your responses will not be disclosed retin-a with any information that may personally identify you (e.g. e-mail tackle, name, and so forth.) WebMD does not endorse any specific product, service, or therapy. retin-a Benzoyl peroxide, AHA’s

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